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HCDE Student Travel Report: HCII 2023

By Sourojit Ghosh (G), HCDE PhD candidate

August 2023

This year, I attended the 25th annual International Conference on Human-Computer Computer Interaction (HCII 2023) and affiliated Conferences, on 23-28th July. At the conference, I was presented two first-authored papers, the first one titled “I love you, my dear friend”: Analyzing the Role of Emotions in the Building of Friendships in Online Fanfiction Communities, and another one called “Do we like this, or do we like like this?” : Reflections on a Human-Centered Machine Learning Approach to Sentiment Analysis. In addition, I was also the second author on another paper presented at this conference, titled Generalized Cohen’s Kappa: A Novel Inter-rater Reliability Metric for Non-Mutually Exclusive Categories.

Since I could not travel to the in-person conference in Copenhagen and the conference was in a hybrid modality, I participated in it virtually. I pre-recorded my two presentations, which were played to the hybrid audience during their respective time slots, with opportunities to ask questions both during that time and afterwards. I found the questions and conversations that emerged from each presentation generative and helpful in my research thinking, particularly since one of the two papers is very closely related to my dissertation proposal.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to attend HCII 2023, which would not have been possible without HCDE and its travel assistance funds.

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