Current Students

PhD Advising

Current PhD students meet regularly with the PhD Faculty Director until they have selected their supervisory committee chair.

PhD Advisory Committee Chair Designation

PhD students may select their committee chair—a tenure track HCDE faculty member who holds a doctorate degree—as early as they wish, but they must have a committee chair in place within one quarter of completing their Preliminary Exam. If a student does not complete this requirement, they will no longer be in good standing and will have a hold placed on their student account

PhD Advisory Committee Chair Designation Form »
To officially designate a committee chair, PhD students must complete this form.

After a student has selected their committee chair, this person will be the student's advisor throughout the remainder of their PhD program.

Note: the UW Graduate School requires that the entire doctoral supervisory committee be established at least four months before the request for the General Examination is submitted.

The UW Graduate School requires that each department have a "Graduate Program Coordinator" and a "Graduate Program Assistant." If you find references to these people, in HCDE the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) is Professor Jennifer Turns and the Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) is Pat Reilly, the Student Services Manager.