Current Students

PhD Curriculum - Effective Autumn 2018

Students enrolled in the HCDE PhD program complete at least 90 credits to earn their degree, including:

Students who enter the PhD program with a previous graduate degree relevant to HCDE can petition to have up to 30 credits transferred toward the doctoral program upon approval of Sean Munson, the Graduate Program Coordinator.

The HCDE doctoral curriculum has been designed with the expectation that students will enroll in HCDE 541 and HCDE 543 in autumn and HCDE 542 in winter of their first year. Students who find the need to tailor their program - e.g., to take advantage of one-time opportunities - may petition to take either HCDE 543 or HCDE 542 in their second year. If you find yourself considering making this petition, please discuss this with Pat Reilly and/or Sean Munson. All other foundational courses should be completed within the first two years of study. 

For questions about the appropriate course sequence, course planning and other academic advising related issues, contact Pat Reilly, the Director of Student Services, for assistance.

PhD Course of Study Form

For details on sequencing of required coursework, critical information for first-year students regarding their year one curriculum, and electives, please see below.

Required Foundational Core Courses

Additional Requirements

  • HCDE 596: Directed Research (minimum total 10 credits)
  • HCDE 800: Doctoral Dissertation (minimum 27 credits)
  • Electives: minimum of 31 credits, including:
    • 1 additional 4-credit Theory course
    • 1 additional 4-credit Methods course
    • 3 additional 4-credit Concentration courses, to be developed collaboratively by the student and the advisor
    • 11 credits of free electives