HCDE Room Reservations

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering has three designated meeting rooms available for reservation in Sieg Building: rooms 129, 323B, 323, 326, 329, 332, and 427. (Note that Sieg 233 is not available for reservation.) HCDE shares two rooms with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering that are also available for reservation: Sieg 128 and 232. Details about each room are below.

Please reserve the smallest room adequate to fit your space needs. Reservations must be made for the shortest length of time necessary, or up to 4 hours (whichever is shorter). Your reservation must be received two days in advance. If you need a more urgent reservation, contact or visit the HCDE main office (Sieg 428) during office hours to make a reservation.

Please be courteous to others and make sure to leave the room you reserved in good condition when you have finished your reservation. This includes throwing away all trash, cleaning and wiping down all tables and white boards, raising blinds and closing windows, returning furniture to its original arrangement, and turning off all equipment and lights.

Reserve an HCDE Room   Reserve a Shared Room

*Note: When using the HCDE room reservation calendar, be sure to opt in to receive notification that your reservation has been approved, under "My Account," "Notification Preferences."

Available HCDE & Shared Rooms


Room Name & Number


Room Equipment & Features

Large Conference Room
(Sieg 129)
Phone: 206.616.9810

16-22 People

70" LCD Monitor
Projector Screen
Conference Phone

Small Conference Room
(Sieg 427)
Phone: 206.685.3830
8–10 People 60" LCD Monitor
Projector Screen
Conference Phone
314 Conference Room
(Sieg 314)
Phone: 206.685.6930
6–8 People 60" LCD Monitor
Conference Phone
VR Space
(Sieg 129)
2–4 People 10'x10' room
Dedicated to use with VR equipment
Design Lab
(Sieg 233)
(Department Events and HCDE Course Reservations Only)
40 People Whiteboards
Projector Screens
128 Meeting Room shared
(Sieg 128)
20 People 70" LCD Monitor
232 Classroom shared
(Sieg 232)
40 People Projector Screen