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Current Students

Career Development Webinars

Webinars and panel discussions about professional development for students in the University of Washington's Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering.

Interviewing at Microsoft

Featuring an overview of Microsoft's recruiting and interview processes, what Microsoft looks for in design and research portfolios, and mock interview questions.
Recorded March 2022

Getting the Offer

Congratulations! You got the offer! Now what? In this event we discuss the next steps to do after getting a job or internship offer, including negotiating, consequences of rescinding, etc. 
Recorded March 2022

Storytelling for UX Careers

Learn why storytelling is important and how HCDE students can combine their background, skills, and passions to tell a compelling story on LinkedIn, in resumes, and in interviews. Hosted by HCDE alumna Angel Vuong and UX storytelling expert Drory Ben-Menachem.
Recorded February 2022

Interviewing Across Cultures

Learn about cultural norms around communicating with recruiters and hiring managers. This webinar focuses on communication etiquette after sending job and internship applications, a brief description of different types of interviews, and tips for successful interviews.
Recorded February 2022

Interacting with Sponsors

Learn about best practices when working with clients and project sponsors. Featuring guest presenter Michael Murphy, founder of KLOA and regular project sponsor with experience working with HCDE students.
Recorded February 2022

Demystifying the UX Career Path

With Gail Thynes (BS '15), UX Designer at Microsoft

Salaries, Negotiation, and Asking for the Right Title

With Tamara Adlin (MS '96), President of Adlin, Inc

How to Network: Building Your Reputation in UX

With Rebecca Destello (MS '11), UX Research Manager at Facebook Messenger

Life After HCDE: User-Centered Design, Consulting, and Clients

With Rohit Sharma (MS '14, UCD '12), UX Designer

HCDE Alumni at Work: Josh LaMar @ Microsoft

With Josh LaMar (MS '06), Principal Design Research Manager at Microsoft

HCDE Alumni at Work: Andrea Chin @ McGraw-Hill Education

With Andrea Chin (MS '14), User Experience Researcher at McGraw-Hill Education