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Current Students

Career Development Webinars

Where do people go after graduating with degrees in Human Centered Design & Engineering? Catch up with HCDE graduates to learn about how they apply what they learned in HCDE to their careers today.

Gail Thynes (BS '15)
UX Designer, Microsoft

Demystifying the UX Career Path

Tamara Adlin (MS '96)
President of Adlin, Inc

Salaries, Negotiation, and Asking for the Right Title

Rebecca Destello (MS '11)
UX Research Manager, Facebook Messenger

How to Network: Building Your Reputation in UX

Rohit Sharma (MS '14, UCD '12)
UX Designer

Life After HCDE: User-Centered Design, Consulting, and Clients

Josh LaMar (MS '06)
Principal Design Research Manager, Microsoft

Andrea Chin (MS '14)
User Experience Researcher, McGraw-Hill Education