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CSCW 2021 Group Report

By HCDE PhD students Calvin Liang and Neilly Herrera Tan

We attended CSCW in October 2021, where we led a workshop titled, "Subtle CSCW Traits: Tensions Around Identity Formation and Online Activism in the Asian Diaspora." We co-organized this workshop in collaboration with Asian and Asian-American scholars from other departments and universities, including professors and students from UW Computer Science and Engineering. 

Calvin spearheaded the workshop's concept and direction, highlighting the necessity for better Asian/Asian-American community in HCI. This one-day workshop entailed a series of small and large group discussions around what it means to be an Asian American and Pacific Islander researcher in HCI.

Neilly also had a paper presented at CSCW from prior work at Brown University, titled "Case Studies on the Motivation and Performance of Contributors Who Verify and Maintain In-Flux Tabular Datasets." This work is based on crowdsourcing and data management research, and was led by Shaun Wallace. While I've since pursued a different direction in my current work, it was a great opportunity to finally share these research projects from my undergrad experiences.