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CHI Conference 2021 Report

By Beth Dunbar, PhD student in HCDE 

First a big thank you to the department for funding my conference fees to attend my first CHI conference. I presented our case study, Towards Responsible Data Practices in Digital Health: A case study of an open source community’s journey, to two  different audiences. Unfortunately the first round had technical difficulties that were out of my control (for some reason the slides did not advance but the audio did) so it was not the most engaging presentation, but the second presentation went well and we received a few thought provoking questions.

I really appreciated attending other sessions to get a flavor of the massive variety of content shared at CHI. I attended several health-related sessions including a particularly helpful session on AI efforts in global health. All in all, I found it helpful to be exposed to CHI conference and look forward to the return of in-person conferences for greater networking and connections. Thanks again for this opportunity.