Current Students

Undergraduate Student Association

The Human Centered Design & Engineering Undergraduate Student Association (HCDE SA) is a registered student organization founded and operated by undergraduate HCDE students.

The HCDE SA was first established in 2009 with the mission of fostering a sense of community within the department by providing opportunities for socializing and professional networking.

Connect with the SA

Every HCDE student can be involved in the SA, not just the officers. The SA mission is involvement, so please email the HCDE SA at with ideas for activities.

SA Facebook page  SA Facebook group

2020-2021 SA Officers



Vishaka Nirmal | she/her/hers

UX Designer | Amateur guitar-player/tea-enthusiast/dog-admirer
LinkedIn | Website

Planning, organizing, and collaborating with the SA to cultivate a fun and connected HCDE community

Some of my current adventures have included taking up palette knife paintings, re-learning the piano, and pushing myself to go running often!

Leadership, graphic design, animation, motion design and typography! (or anything else your heart desires!)


Vice President

Kailey Terracciano | she/her/hers

UX Designer | Dog Spotter/Nature Documentary enthusiast
LinkedIn | Website

Responsible for coordinating social events with the SA for the HCDE community. Helps facilitate meetings and decision-making for planning events.

Practicing calligraphy, taking pictures of my dog, drawing, binging netflix

Bullet journaling, animals, graphic design + logos, Society of Women Engineers, video games (especially Nintendo)


Community Outreach

Alli Hishikawa | she/her/hers

UX Designer | Aspiring Chef / Coffee Enthusiast / Cat-Admirer
LinkedIn | Website

Connecting with organizations outside of SA to share the HCDE mission through collaboration and events.

Trying out recipes from different cultures, watching a good drama or movie with my roommates, and running in/exploring different parks around Seattle.

Cooking of any kind, music recommendations, design . . . or any hobbies you are interested in – I love learning about people!



Sara Behbakht | she/her/hers

UX Designer | Nature-Lover/Professional sweet tooth
LinkedIn | Website

Organizing meetings and communications within HCDE and working with advisors

Exploring urban parks, rock climbing, making pinterest recipes, watching reality television

the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, eating sweets, any cool facts about the human body!



Megan Ly | she/her/hers

UX Designer | Chocoholic/Baker/Animal Lover

Managing the budget and finances, maintaining operational costs.

Cooking and baking, playing the piano, trying to get back into reading!

Your favorite food places, film analyses, traveling, food science, anything else you want!


Cohort Liason

Dena Sabha | she/her/hers

UX Designer & Researcher | Workout Enthusiast/Disney Lover
LinkedIn | Website

Connecting cohorts, communicating with faculty and finding opportunities for HCDE students

I like to play soccer, travel (lol rip to that dream), watch Ted Talks and advocate for social issues I am passionate about. I am also a Disney/ Pixar enthusiast

My UX journey, research, disney, athletics and random things about life (I love chatting!)