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HCDE Graduate Student Association

The HCDE Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a registered student organization founded and operated by HCDE graduate students. The GSA's mission is to support learning, socializing, volunteering, and career-path opportunities for HCDE graduate students, and engage with the student body.

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2020-2021 GSA Officers



Honson Ling

HCDE Researcher | UX Researcher
LinkedIn | ResearchGate

Point person for communication for students, faculty, and department administrators. Oversees and facilitates meetings. Sets vision and priorities for the GSA. Liaison to the HCDESA (Undergraduate Student Association).

Side Research Projects (currently Robots and Chatbots), Guitar, Books, Gym, Concerts, Potlucks, and Asian American Indie Films and Music

Connections to different UW departments, DUB Sci-fi Book Club, Tech Talks Happening on Campus


Vice President

Ethel Xu

UX Designer | LinkedIn

Assists and coordinates volunteer, recruitment, and social events. Responsible for communicating with the department and discussing any concerns or ideas from community members. Takes proactive steps to increase and develop HCDE representation and awareness on and off campus. Maintains relationship with RSO.

Outdoor: I love hiking, swimming, and just wandering around in the city; Trying out new things and getting myself into very unfamiliar spaces (that applies to work, school, travel and social interactions too...).

Storytelling tactics; Psychology & weird cold facts lol


Community Relations Officer

Patriya Wiesmann

Designer | Engineer | Linguist | LinkedIn

The main point of contact with people outside of GSA and HCDE, and maintain relationships that GSA has already built. Build new relationships with professionals in the UX field. Coordinate marketing efforts for GSA events, including maintaining email lists, social media accounts, and print advertising.

Hiking with my dog, Zelda; Live Tech Talks & Podcasts; Learning New Languages; Diversity & Inclusion; Musicals, Singing, & Piano

AI, VUI Design, Engineering, Mentorship, Outreach, Study Abroad, Tech Groups, Hack-a-thons, Design Jams


PhD Student Officer

Jay Cunningham

UX Researcher | PM | Amateur Designer | | LinkedIn

Connects HCDE Master's students with HCDE PhD students. Identifies relevant areas of collaboration between the entire HCDE graduate student body.

Youth Mentoring; Nature (snowboarding, hiking, swimming); Private Pilot’s License (training); Diversity awareness and advocacy

Inclusive Technology Research, UX, Program Management, Diversity Programming, Leadership, Mentorship


PhD Student Officer

Susanne Kirchner

HCI researcher and psychologist | Website

Connects HCDE Master's students with HCDE PhD students. Identifies relevant areas of collaboration between the entire HCDE graduate student body.

Lots of hiking and some (indoor) bouldering, biking and running, occasional camping; Baking but not cooking; Drawing and painting, playing piano

Family research in HCDE; Qualitative research; German/European culture; Psychology; Hiking


PhD Student Officer

Neilly Herrera Tan

HCI researcher (currently) | UX Designer (formerly) | LinkedIn | Twitter

Connects HCDE Master's students with HCDE PhD students. Identifies relevant areas of collaboration between the entire HCDE graduate student body.

Drawing and painting; Cooking, baking, watching cooking youtube; Enjoying art + going to museums; Watching reality tv lol

Personal informatics research, privacy and surveillance studies, critical computing, diversity in HCI, being Filipino


International Student Representative

Xuan Song

UX Designer | UX Researcher | Design consultant | LinkedIn

Representing and advocating for the international student body for GSA. Talk to people from different cultures and see how GSA can better serve our international students. Get more international students involved in GSA and help them get connected to the broader UX community in Seattle.

Weight training & yoga; Photography; Fashion design; Visual arts

HCI, UX design career, design consultant, job interview, portfolio review preparation, Asian and western culture, foods, workouts


MS Curriculum Representative


UX Designer | UX Research | Linkedin | Web

Representing HCDE Master's students on the HCDE MS Curriculum Committee.

Yoga & Mindfulness; Visual Design; Diversity & Inclusion; Community Centered Design

Using community centered design approaches to empower under supported communities, visual design, UX and selfcare.




Research/Design | LinkedIn | Web

Responsible for keeping records of financial transactions, coordinating with the department regarding funding, and ensuring that HCDE GSA events can be funded. Tracks RSO resources and submits funding requests. Manages the bank account and takes lead of fundraising and funding. Help maintain GSA online accounts.

Cooking; Fashion; Social impact; Mental health; Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Food, cooking, queerness, personal finance, reach out if you want to vent lol

Sieg Hall

Connect with the GSA

Every HCDE graduate student can be involved in the GSA, not just the officers. The GSA mission is involvement, so please email the HCDE GSA at with ideas for activities.

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Links & Resources

GSA Goals

  • Foster community in the HCDE program
  • Act as a voice for graduate students in HCDE
  • Organize skill shares, happy hours, UX for dubbies, social events, and more

GSA Benefits

  • Make lasting connections with UW colleagues
  • Learn from and work with industry leaders in UX
  • Add value back to the HCDE department

GSA Events

  • UX for dubbies (workshops to increase UX skills for dub programs, in conjunction with iSchool and MHCI+d grad programs)
  • Happy Hours/Meetups
  • Skill shares 
  • HCDE Department events, such as a Welcome BBQ and Winter Celebration (in conjunction with undergraduate student association) 
  • Social outings like Husky games, hikes, etc.