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Sustained Dialogue Groups

Spring 2023

Human-Centered Dialogue on experiences being a person of color in design

Note this group is at capacity for spring quarter and no longer accepting applications. Applicants will be notified by March 30.

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering is running a dialogue group focused on exploring experiences of people of color in design. All members of the HCDE community are encouraged to apply. Students can elect to enroll in two credits of optional DRG credit.

About this group
In this Spring 2023 dialogue group, we welcome you to bring your unique experiences as people of color in design and explore the impact of that identity in a group context. This will include reflecting on and sharing parts of your own perspective and lived experience as well as listening to others speak about their experiences. This dialogue will build over 9 weeks, and requires participation from the same individuals each week.

The group will meet in-person on Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Applicants must commit to attending all weeks if you wish to participate. The meetings will be in person in Sieg Building.

Students can elect to enroll in two credits of optional DRG credit, in which weekly reflection assignments will be required.

This group will be moderated by HCDE PhD student Sourojit (G) Ghosh and HCDE Bachelors student Mina Zavary, members of the HCDE DEI Committee. We are seeking applicants from underrepresented racial backgrounds to create a diverse dialogue group across the “big 10” social identities of socioeconomic status and class, race and ethnicity, citizenship, colonial history and national origin, sex and gender, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, religion, and age.

About Human-Centered Dialogue
HCDE's dialogue program, informed by the Sustained Dialogue Institute, works to create community change by building powerful relationships across differences. Conversations are based on what experiences individual group members bring to the table, with the hope that all who sign up will "listen deeply enough to be changed by what they hear.'' Participating in HCDE dialogue groups means you will:

  • Learn how to dialogue in tough conversations or moments of disagreement;
  • Learn more about your own identities and the identities of your peers;
  • Learn leadership skills that will help you in your future career;
  • Develop empathy for others in our community;
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts with a diverse group through building and repairing relationships;
  • Become more connected and invested in the HCDE community.

Questions? Please reach out to G ( and Mina (

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