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Video: APL, CoSSaR initiative to mitigate impacts of traffic incidents

May 17, 2018

With the help of researchers from HCDE's Center for Collaborative Systems for Security, Safety, and Regional Resilience (CoSSaR), law enforcement and transportation agencies are joining forces to mitigate the traffic congestion resulting from major incidents on I-5 through Seattle.

In a new video, HCDE Professor Mark Haselkorn (CoSSaR director) and Research Scientist Sonia Savelli describe the initiative aimed at making Seattle and surrounding areas a safer, more resilient place for people, businesses, and the services they rely on.

CoSSaR is a joint venture between HCDE and UW's Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). Stakeholders are Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and King County Metro.

Read a recent report CoSSaR published about this work, here