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HCDE alumni at work: Andrea Chin, User Experience Researcher

August 27, 2019

After earning her Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering, Andrea Chin (MS '14) went to work as a User Experience Researcher at McGraw Hill Education.

Andrea Chin works with developers, product managers, and UX designers to make engaging and effective digital education experiences. As a user experience researcher, she ensures that the design of learning products—from tools for teachers and materials for students—are grounded in research and accessible to the broadest range of users.  

For Chin, giving people a positive user experience is personal. "My original interest in watching the way that people use things comes from my upbringing," she described. Through watching her father suffer with a progressive neurological disease, she received first-hand experience in observing "all the ways in which technology could not work."

Chin believes accessibility should be at the forefront in the design of digital devices. "Specifically in the education space, accessibility is crucial so that all students and all learners have the opportunity to achieve the education that they deserve," she said. 

"Design is a magical tool in which we can think about problems and actually find solutions that are not going to box you in any particular direction," she said.

Andrea Chin describes the day-to-day work she does at McGraw Hill in this video: