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HCDE's Melissa Ewing & Meghan Oxley nominated for 2024 UW Distinguished Staff Award

February 27, 2024

Melissa Ewing and Meghan Oxley, staff in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering, were nominated for the 2024 UW Distinguished Staff Award in the category of impact, recognizing them for their exemplary contributions to the department and University.

Melissa Ewing

Outreach & Events Manager

Melissa has had a huge and direct impact on the lives of students and alumni in our department, and helped build HCDE's and UW's connections with industry and community. 

She builds relationships with industry and community partners, she plans events that benefit the entire community, including current students, faculty, and staff, and our alumni friends of the department. On top of that, Melissa provides career support and consultation for our students and connects them with alumni and industry mentors.

Meghan Oxley

Meghan Oxley

Senior Academic Counselor

Meghan is an invaluable asset to our team in HCDE, consistently demonstrating exceptional skills in problem solving, organization, and advocacy for students. She excells in long-term planning, collaborating, new policies, and ensuring efficient processes for both current and incoming students. 

Her dedication to student advocacy is evident in her thoughtful approach to policy changes and curriculum updates, always prioritizing the student experience. In addition, Meghan's commitment to ethical practices, particularly in safeguarding student information through a deep understanding of FERPA, reflects her unwavering integrity. Meghan is a true leader, consistently delivering results and embodying the values of excellence and student centeredness.