2017 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 Graduation & Awards Celebration Photo Slideshow

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) held its 2017 Graduation & Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 9 in the Husky Union Building.

2017 represents HCDE's largest graduating class yet, with 66 students receiving their Bachelor of Science, 71 with their Master of Science, and 4 with doctoral degrees. The full list of graduates is below.

HCDE alumnus Jerrod Larson (PhD 2010, MS 2003), UX Manager at Qualtrics, delivered the 2017 graduation address featuring a choose-your-own adventure style ending. View the full text of Dr. Larson's speech, here.

Emeritus Professor David K. Farkas receiving the 2017 Mikey Award

The HCDE faculty awarded the 2017 Myron L. White Award (aka the "Mikey") to Professor Emeritus David K. Farkas. Farkas was an active professor in the department for over 30 years, before he retired in 2013. The HCDE faculty unanimously voted to award Professor Farkas the 2017 Mikey Award, thanking him for his years of service to the Department and the many students he has mentored and supported. 

The department annually recognizes outstanding graduating students with Awards of Excellence. These awards honor students who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating excellence in one of three categories: Innovation, Leadership and Engagement, and Academic Excellence. Read about these awards and see the past recipients, here.

Kyle Musselwhite and Sol Choi on stage

Undergraduate Award of Excellence

Kyle Musselwhite
Sol Choi

Alexis Hiniker on stage

Graduate Award of Excellence

Alexis Hiniker

Aaron Joya on stage

Undergraduate Award for Innovation

Aaron Joya

Graduate Award for Innovation

Team SIM: Sahil Anand, John Luetke, Nikhil Venkatesh, Dorothy Wong

Undergraduate Award for Leadership & Engagement

Sara Jennings

Graduate Award for Leadership & Engagement

Joseph Bernstein
Taylor Scott

For the 2016-2017 year, HCDE awarded a special recognition for community service, awarded to the Alternative Spring Break team of Lydia Davison, Michael Fernandes, Leyla Ibrahim, Valerie Najera, Karin Vaughan, and Samantha Gil Vargas.

HCDE Alternative Spring Break team on stage

The 2017 HCDE Alternative Spring Break team receiving special recognition for community service

Please join HCDE in congratulating the Class of 2017!

All HCDE degrees awarded in the 2016–2017 academic year are below.

Alexis Anand

Angie Andriani

Joanna Bailet

Devin Leelan Bell

Torin Martin Blankensmith

Maria Buan †

Macauley Cameron

Angela Chen

Michael Chen

Felicia Chiang

Alison Chiu

Shin Young (Lucia) Choi

Sol Choi ∞

Lydia Davison

Tien Do

Dominic Dopico

Shelley Eang

Molly Fallen

Hua Fan

Michael Fernandes

Ethan Reid Fletcher

Peyton Elias Foucht

Luis A. Gonsalez

Kimberly Ha

Sara Jennings

Tsuki Kaneko-Hall

Alex Heilgeist

Owen Mingxiao Hu

Anh Hua

Leyla Ibrahim

Joy Jean

Aaron Joya

Nicholas Kaman

Dorothy Kong *

Monica Youvin Lee †

Kirk Samuel Lestelle

Yeqing Lou

Jay Luo

Zhuo Luo

Ben Luster

Calob Mejias

Kyle Musselwhite

Valerie Najera

Andrew Newton

Neha Nuguru

Alex C. Pease

Hannah Postings

Siddharth Rao

Keane Riley

Phillip Gregory Robison *

Kendall Lee

Mertens Sahl *

Prerna Sitomer

Khalil Somani

Stephanie Ann Stanek

Leo G Stewart

Amy Tang †

Nicole Tilly

Andy Truong

Tuyen Tu Truong

Paulina Tsai

Karin Vaughan

Madeline Wood

Justin Michael Woodum

Kexiang Xu ∞

Joshua Pei Yao

Anne Zheng

* Cum Laude awarded Winter 2017
Cum Laude projected Spring 2017
Magna Cum Laude projected Spring 2017


Rolner Alliance

Nicholas Clark Alvey

Sahil Anand

Meredith P. Anderson

Jon Anscher

Bradley Neal Arnesen

Clement A. Auyeung

Heather Bales

Valerie Kathleen Bays

Nicole Emelia Bernardi

Joe Bernstein

Demi Boe

Emily Bulajewski

Wilson Carletti

Kira J. Cassels

Daren Lee Chaisy

Paula Chuchro

Steven Derhammer

Ariel A. Duncan

Nichole Fernkes

Olivia Frederick

Brett Daniel Fuller

Annica Lila Garfield

Jennifer Giblin

Charles Paul Kamehameha Harris-White

Kacie J. Hsu

Laura E. Hunter

Carolyn Huynh

Anastacia Jaime

Spencer James

Setumadhava G. Kathawate

Joyce E. Kim

Thomas J. Koines

Ivan Sergei Koveshnikov

Khuyen Lam

Jasmine Lawrence

Dana Lee

Diane D. Lee

Julie Zhuying Li

Aidan T. Little

John A. Luetke

Gabriela Madrid Valero

Gideo Mari

Kenneth T. Milne

Samara Mohammed

Ryan Moore

Ricki Li Mudd

Angela Julia Nelson

Mike Northcutt

Alan T. Reese

Matt Reynolds

Paul F. C. Roberts

James S. Sanders

Vishwas Shetty

Veronika Sipeeva

Scott A. Sizemore

Julia Snyder

Meena Sujanani

Nicholas David Throm

Paul Townsend

Nikhil Venkatesh

Annie Wang

David Wang

Scott Scott Wang

Lauren Wheelwright

Dorothy Wong

Feiyang Xue

Loretta Yiu

Danning Zhang

Tingting Zhang

Ying Zheng

Yuan Zhuang

Zhiwei Guan


The Effect of 'Need to Belong' on Online Social Behaviors and Cognitive Interactions

Alexis Hiniker


Supporting Intentional Media Use in Families

Mania Orand


Bridging Research & Practice: A Theoretical & Empirical Mapping of Design Space using Solo Travel Domain

Taylor Scott


A Framework of Distributed Affect in Text Based Communication