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What every employer should know about the Human Centered Design & Engineering Internship Program at the University of Washington.

Real-World Experience is an HCDE Graduation Requirement

Each undergraduate student in the UW's department of Human Centered Design & Engineering must spend at least 90 hours practicing his or her craft in a professional setting, working under professional supervision, in order to graduate. For most of our students that experience comes in the form of an internship. The internship, typically lasting one quarter (10 weeks), is actually a senior-level class (HCDE 495) or a graduate-level class (HCDE 601, Professional Practice) for which students must register, pay tuition, and write a course paper in addition to meeting their responsibilities to their employers.

Academic credit for internships is variable: Students may take as few as three or as many as ten credits per quarter. For each credit, the student agrees to spend 30 hours working for his or her internship employer during a 10-week quarter. That means, then, that a student who, for example, is taking a 5-credit internship would be expected to work an average of 15 hours per week during a 10-week quarter. Please note that these are minimum requirements for earning academic credit. Employers and students are welcome to negotiate other (greater) commitments as long as they satisfy the minimums established for earning academic credit.

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