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UX Speaker Series: Oscar Murillo

Recorded February 4, 2022, as part of the UX Speaker Series in the University of Washington's Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering.


Seeing AI: a case study in inclusive and ethically responsible innovation

Seeing AI is a free mobile application that leverages AI and computer vision to describe people, text and objects. P-VI can switch between channels to receive computer-generated descriptions of signs, documents, products, people, currency and scenery captured via their mobile device camera. Seeing AI aims to make the visual world more accessible. By applying Microsoft’s Responsible Innovation framework, our team made sure that accessibility didn’t come at the price of user - and bystander - privacy and safety.

About Oscar Murillo: born in New York City, and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Oscar is the VP of Design at The Athletic, a subsidiary of the New York Times. Prior to joining The Athletic, Oscar was a Product Design Manager at Meta (Facebook Reality Lab), where he drove the experience narrative for Project Nazare. During his fifteen year tenure at Microsoft, Oscar helped reinvent the way people interact with technology through innovations across HoloLens, XBOX, Kinect, wearables, connected vehicles, and smart home technologies. He's also an alumni of Microsoft's "Inclusive Design" and "Ethics & Society" teams. Before Microsoft, Oscar was an Art Director at AT&T, InfoSpace, and Clique, where he created digital experiences for T-Mobile, Orange, Sprint, Cingular, Forbes, Renault, People, Cosmo Magazine, Wallpaper, and the Wall Street Journal. Oscar is a member of numerous design organizations and has served as Design Director for the Computer Human Interaction conference (CHI). Currently, Oscar is a guest lecturer at the University of Washington's School of Art, Art History and Design, and has taught at NYU ITP and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Oscar has been awarded over 20 patents with close to 50 still pending. Most recently, Oscar joined Dojo Partners as an advisory partner and board chair.