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Current Students

The Preliminary Exam

All HCDE PhD students participate in the preliminary exam during the autumn quarter of their second year in the program.

All tenure-line HCDE faculty are members of the preliminary exam committee. Each member of the committee shall have one vote in deciding whether a student passes, fails, or must re-do part of the exam—oral or written. Decisions will be made by a majority vote.

Possible outcomes for the exam are: pass, fail, or revisions required. Committee feedback to the student may include (a) changes that are required before a passing evaluation is given, or (b) changes that are suggested for work stronger, better communicate it, or for continuing or extending this line of research. In other words, the exam is also a valuable opportunity to provide feedback to students that can help improve their scholarly work.

For 2023, presentations will be scheduled on 17 November in the Allen Auditorium (1 December is a backup date). Reflections and papers will be due two weeks before the first presentation date (3 November). For any student unable to meet these deadlines, please contact Sean Munson or Kathleen Rascon. 

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