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Frequently Asked Questions about the Final Exam

Below are answers to questions that are not addressed by information made available by the graduate school, in some cases because the answer to the question represents a final exam policy specific to the department.

Q: Do I have to give a presentation during the defense?
A: Yes. While some departments do not require students to give a formal presentation of their work as part of the final exam, the faculty in HCDE believe in the importance of being able to describe the work orally as well as in writing (in the dissertation). The student should prepare a presentation of 30 to 40 minutes.

Q: Can I get help with scheduling the event?
A: Students are able to book a room in Sieg Hall using the Room Scheduling link. It is also possible to reserve the Allen Auditorium in the Allen Library

Q: Does the department permit me to have two people designated as my committee chair?
A: Yes, you can designate more than one faculty member as your committee chair. If you choose this route, it is your responsibility to keep both committee chairs informed as to your progress.

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