Current Students

Representative Dissertations

A sample of dissertation abstracts from recent graduates of the PhD in Human Centered Design & Engineering:

Choices on Top of Choices: A Case Illustrating the Dialectic Impact of User Technology Choice (Steven Lappenbusch, 2013)

Coordinating the Commons: Diversity & Dynamics in Open Collaborations (Jonathan Morgan, 2013)

Promoting Rhetorical Awareness and Perceived Self-efficacy: Engineering Undergraduate Students Created Preparedness Portfolios about Communication (Kathryn Mobrand, 2013)

Engineering Student Development: Supporting Self-Authoring Engineers (Brook Sattler, 2013)

Understanding University Students? Use of Tools and Artifacts in Support of Collaborative Project Work (Alex Thayer, 2013)

Mediation, Motives, and Goals: Identifying the Networked Nature of Contemporary Activism (Natasha Jones, 2012)

The Effect of Linguistic Explicitness on the Credibility of Online Medical Information for Nonnative English Speakers (Sandy Bartell, 2011)

Investigating resource-constrained populations: developing design approaches to support agency and reciprocity (Emma Rose, 2011)

Transitioning information and communication technology for development (ICTD) projects from research to implementation (Rebecca Walton, 2011)

Getting on the Same Page: Negotiation and Intellectual Collaboration in Student Research Group (Kathleen Gygi, 2011)

Bridging the Gap between User Experience Research and Design: An Analysis of Two Common Communication Tools—Personas and Scenarios (Cynthia Putnam, 2010)

Indicating Impact: The Design of an Environmental Impact Labeling System for Consumer Goods (Jerrod Larson, 2009)

Investigating a Novel User Experience Outcome: Psychological Well-Being through Mediated Self-Reflection (Matt Eliot, 2009)

QuikScan: Facilitating Document Use Through Innovative Formatting (Quan Zhou, 2008)

Mobile Hybridity: Supporting Personal and Romantic Relationships with Mobile Phones in Digitally Emergent Spaces. (Carolyn Wei, 2007)