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Welcome new faculty

Join HCDE in welcoming two new faculty in the 2020–2021 academic year.

Sarah headshot

Dr. Sarah Coppola

Assistant Teaching Professor

Sarah Coppola joined HCDE as an Assistant Teaching Professor in September 2020. Coppola is an educator and researcher whose work focuses on how technology and systems design affects people’s performance and health. Coppola's research explores bias in technology and how to measure and quantify its impact. She has studied sex/gender differences caused by interface designs to better understand why women have clinically higher rates of technology-related musculoskeletal injury and pain. Her more recent work examines how healthcare sociotechnical systems contribute to human error. She has taught a variety of interdisciplinary courses, including human factors in design. Before joining HCDE, Coppola was a postdoctoral fellow in Human Factors Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Q&A with Professor Coppola


Sucheta's headshot

Dr. Sucheta Ghoshal

Assistant Professor

Sucheta Ghoshal joined HCDE as an Assistant Professor in February 2021. Ghoshal is a researcher and activist who studies how grassroots social movements in the United States relate to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Broadly, her work strives to critically question ICTs in their totality for the role they continue to play in the larger systems of oppression—namely, systemic racism, class, caste, and gendered oppressions. Additionally, she is interested in uncovering ways in which we can form public means of consciousness, resistance, and accountability against technology mediated systemic oppression. Ghoshal was formerly a software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation where she built several tools for Wikipedia and worked on building a community of Wikipedians in India. She has been a community organizer working in various capacities globally for over a decade. Before joining HCDE, Ghoshal completed a PhD in human-centered computing from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Q&A with Professor Ghoshal