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Current Students

HCDE MakeLab


Welcome to the HCDE MakeLab! This makerspace in 129 Sieg Building supports members of the HCDE community in projects related to research and teaching.

The HCDE MakeLab features the following supplies and tools:

  • A wide range of prototyping and crafting supplies
  • A 3D printer and selection of PLA filaments
  • Physical computing supplies (Arduinos, sensors, actuators, wireless devices)
  • A complete electronics workbench (soldering/reworking stations, 100 Mhz, 4-channel oscilloscopes, 30VDC bench power supplies, and multimeters)
  • Hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, saws, wire cutters, etc.)
  • Sewing machine and supplies
  • Mold making supplies
  • Project storage for active users
  • Workbench and work surface for large, flat projects
  • Conference table seating for 4 and large digital screen

Who can use the MakeLab?

The Make Lab supports faculty and research scientists in aspects of their research and teaching, on a short-term basis. Needs longer than one academic quarter should be provided by grants or other funding.

  • PhD students 
    The MakeLab supports PhD students in aspects of their research that require making or building, on a short-term basis.
  • HCDE students in a Directed Research Group
    The MakeLab supports all HCDE students and instructors in Directed Research Groups that require making or building. This use case should be organized by the DRG instructor prior to the beginning of the academic quarter. Contact
  • HCDE students on an independent study project
    The MakeLab supports HCDE students actively supervised by an HCDE faculty member, to build and store a project on a short-term basis.
  • HCDE faculty and research scientists / staff
    The MakeLab supports HCDE faculty and research staff in aspects related to research and teaching, on a short term basis (e.g., quarterly or less. Longer term needs should be provided by grants/other funding).

My need fits the above description, how can I gain access?

  • Faculty and staff keycards will open the MakeLab.
  • Students can request access via keycard. Ask your faculty advisor or instructor to email requesting access for you. You can then check out a keycard at the HCDE front desk in Sieg 428.
  • For ad hoc access, you can ring the MakeLab doorbell, if faculty or staff are present in the lab.

I would like access to a makerspace for personal projects or other making projects not related to my HCDE class, where can I go?

The UW offers a number of different makerspaces with even more tools and resources for students and faculty.

  • Area 01
    Area 01, located in Maple Hall, is open to everyone with priority access to residential students and UW students enrolled in courses taking place in Area 01. A quarterly use fee of $25.00 applies to UW students who do not live in HFS housing. 
  • The MILL
    The MILL, located in McCarty Hall, is open to all UW students, UW residents, as well as UW students enrolled in courses taking place in The MILL. Access to the MILL is free for all UW students.