Network Night

The 2021 HCDE Network Night will be held on Monday, February 22. We will update this page with details about participating mentors as the date nears.

The annual HCDE Network Night features the opportunity for current students to connect with departmental alumni and industry friends to discuss career paths and share tips for making a successful transition from UW to the working world. Participants discuss company cultures, job search techniques, interviewing tips, and how to identify the right fit as job seekers with interdisciplinary skill-sets.

HCDE thanks the following mentors who participated in last Network Night in March 2020

Sharla Akers
Program Manager, Microsoft 
BS, 2016 

Ajay Alfred
Sr. Interaction Designer, Google
MS, 2014 

Gary J. Anderson
Sr. Design Researcher at Microsoft
MS, 2016

Kendall Avery
UX Researcher at Sap Concur
BS, 2016

Joanna Bailet
Associate QA Engineer, T-Mobile
BS, 2017

Josh Baker
UX Designer, WSECU
MS, 2018

Wiley Bennett
Tech Lead, Remitly
BS, 2013

Michael Berg
UX Researcher, Amazon
MS, 2019

Nathan Bilbao
Senior UX Designer, Oracle
BS, 2011

Nate Bogusz
Senior Content Strategist, Amazon
BS, 2011 

Denise Borges
Senior Product Designer, Highspot
MS; UCD certificate, 2016 

Wilson Carletti
UX Designer, Amazon
MS, 2017

Kira Cassels-Good
UX Researcher, Indeed
MS, 2017

Omeed Chandra
Product Designer, Dropbox
MS, 2014

Stefanie Choi
UX Designer, Microsoft
BS, 2019

Paula Chuchro
Senior Product Manager, Hulu
MS, 2017

Johonna Cronk
Lecturer, DigiPen Institute of Technology
BS, 2013 

Allie Deford
User Researcher III, Expedia
MS, 2016

Char Easter
UX designer, The Seattle Times
MS, 2011 

Alex Fromm
Senior Design Manager, Microsoft
BS, 2012

Sanjana Galgalikar
Product Designer, Pulse Labs
BS, 2018

Zach Goist
Sr. UX Researcher, Axon
MS, UCD certificate, 2013 

Andrew Hinkelman
Executive Coach, Self-Employed
MS, 2002 

Kyle Karpack
Senior Software Engineer, Adobe
BS, 2013

Christina Mauri
User Experience Researcher, Microsoft
MS, 2019

Camille Mitchell
Junior UX Researcher, Dupla Studios
BS, 2018

Roberto Morales
Product Design Manager, Microsoft
UCD certificate, 2016 

Amy Racher
Organic Search Director, Wavemaker
UCD certificate, 2014
Paul Roberts
Director, Intentional Futures
MS, 2017

Kellie Rogers
Sr. UX Designer, Expedia
MS, 2015

Samuel Shen
UX Designer II, Microsoft
MS, UCD certificate, 2017
Rebecca Shore
UX Researcher, Amazon
MS, 2012
Jihoon Suh
Product Designer, Facebook
MS, 2018

Brian Vergara
Interaction Designer, Google
BS, 2015

Jacob Warren
Senior Documentation Manager,
Amazon Web Services
BS, 2010

Bruce Weber
Sr. Consultant, Logic 20/20
BS, 2000

Shufan Susan Wen
UX Engineer, T-Mobile
MS, 2015
Dorothy Wong
Product Designer, Alaskan Airlines
MS, 2017

Meredith Xie
Designer, Microsoft
BS, 2018

Chen Ye
Designer, Apple
MS, 2016 

Ching Ting Yu
User Experience Research Associate, Microsoft 
BS, 2019

Eric C. Zelna
Supply Chain Finance Data Analytics Manager, Boeing
MS, 2019