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Graduate Certificate in Global Technology and Communication Management

The Global Technology & Communication Management (GTCM) certificate was a graduate level certificate offered by the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering from 2010–2013. The certificate consisted of three credit-based graduate level courses focusing on international user experiences and communication, localization management, and international product management.
GTM students explored how product design and processes are affected by cross-cultural issues, international policies, and market relevance. Graduates of the program gained the skills necessary to manage localization teams and determine best strategies for mastering effective global technology and communication. Alumni of this program are now employed in jobs around the world.
The GTCM certificate program included three required courses:
  • HCDE 512—International User Experiences and Communication
  • HCDE 513—Globalization & Localization Business Management
  • HCDE 514—Strategies for International Product Management

For information about these courses, please see the University of Washington catalog.