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The Human Centered Design & Engineering Master's Ambassador program enables prospective students to learn from the experiences of current HCDE Master's students. If you would like to meet with a Master's Ambassador, complete this form.

2019 Graduate Ambassadors

Alison Buchanan 
Hi, I'm Alison! I have an undergrad degree in psychology and previously worked as a research assistant in a clinical psychology lab studying non-drug treatments for insomnia in older adults. I had a lot of fun improving our study design/procedures to match the needs of our older population. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in UX research. My favorite HCDE classes include qualitative research methods, accessibility & inclusive design, and physical computing & prototyping. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about HCDE or what it's like to be a part of the HCDE Master's program.

Devanshi Chauhan
Hi! I am Devanshi, a full time international student with a bachelor's in computer science, I enrolled in HCDE right after my undergrad so I am usually the youngest person in class. I am passionate about UX research and strategy. My absolute favorite classes so far have been 501 Theoretical foundations of HCDE, HCDE 517 Usability Studies, and HCDE 519 Qualitative Research Methods. Fun fact: I got bit by a snake when I was in 4th grade and did not tell my parents for 2 hrs, thankfully for me it was just a garden snake. A special event that had a profound impact on me was rescuing my dog back home in India.

Bella Chiu 
My name is Bella and I am on track to graduate in June 2020. I received my undergraduate degree from Cornell University in landscape architecture. After working for a year I decided to move across the country to enroll full-time in the HCDE program. Since then I've been involved in the larger UX community in Seattle, actively volunteering with IXDA, UXPA and PSSIGCHI. I hope to see more HCDE students at the events. I am also currently part of the Graduate Student Association. Talk to me if you have any concerns or ideas, I'm excited to meet current and prospective students. 

Rachel Kangas
Hi, my name is Rachel! I am a first-year, full-time MS student in the HCDE department. Prior to starting this program, I earned my bachelor's in mechanical engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked in the Bay Area as a test engineer. I am focusing on all three UX specialties within HCDE (research, design, and engineering), and my goal is to become a human-centric researcher and designer with a social impact focus. So far, my favorite HCDE experience is participating in a directed research group that used critical design to promote the true experiences of the female Atari programmers and challenge perceptions of women in computer science. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about HCDE student life!

Josh Nelson
Hi! My name is Josh Nelson, I’m a part-time student the MS HCDE department, working full-time as a Product Designer and lead partner at a small creative web agency from Northern California. My academic background is in Business Marketing, Sustainable Economics and Graphic Design, while my professional experience has been focused on small business entrepreneurship and researching the impact of disruptive emerging consumer technologies. I have a passion for the intersection of business and design and its socio-economic impact on user behaviors. Last but not least, I’m a fan of Cars, Corgi’s and Coffee.

Savannah Ostrowski
Hello, I'm Savannah and I am a part-time master's student, and full-time software engineer. Prior to joining the HCDE program in May 2018, I completed a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geomatics (think computer science + technical geography) from the University of Waterloo. My interests lie in human-computer interaction, usability, accessibility, and machine learning. I believe in life outside the traditional design + engineering boxes (the future is interdisciplinary!). So far my favorite Class is HCDE 536 Interaction Design & Prototyping. Fun Fact - I've hiked up an active volcano in the middle of the night to see the world's largest acidic crater lake at sunrise (Kawah Ijen in Indonesia)! Event that had an impact on me - Attending Interaction 19 this past year was a pivotal moment in defining how I want to integrate design + research into my work.

Angel Vuong
I am an experience designer with a background in fine arts. I earned my BFA in Studio Art (Printmaking) and worked as a UX designer for a few years prior to entering the program. I am currently enrolled as a full-time MS HCDE student. My program interests include interaction design, participatory design, and UX research. Favorite class: HCDE 517 Usability Studies with Daniella Kim. I really enjoyed collaborating with students from diverse professional backgrounds and working with a real-world client for our group project.

Shiqi Zhang 
I am a full-time MS student from China. I earned my B.A in Media from Indiana University Bloomington in 2018. After graduating from IU, I decided to move to Seattle and join HCDE directly. Currently, I am working part-time as a UX designer for a local startup. My interests in the field of HCI include behavior change design, theory-driven design, and interactions beyond 2D. My favorite class is HCDE 538 Design for Behavior Change with Prof. Gary Hsieh (He’s awesome!). I love to talk to my peers and prospective students, so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about HCDE student life. 

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