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Graduation Addresses

Since 2012, the following friends of Human Centered Design & Engineering delivered a graduation address at the annual HCDE Graduation & Awards ceremony.

  • 2020  Phil Spencer, EVP of Gaming and Xbox at Microsoft
  • 2019  Brenda Laurel, video game design trailblazer, author, and virtual reality pioneer
  • 2018  Sara Zewde, landscape designer, urbanist, and public artist
  • 2017  Jerrod Larson, UX Manager, Qualtrics
  • 2016  Mary Czerwinski, Research Manager of Visualization and Interaction Research, Microsoft Research
  • 2015  Kelly Franznick, Co-founder, Blink UX
  • 2014  Jenny Blackburn, Director, Voice Shopping, Amazon
  • 2013  Michael Berg, Senior UX Researcher, Amazon
  • 2012 Matt Shobe, Chief Experience Officer, Mighty AI