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CHI 2022 Conference Report

By Sourojit Ghosh (G), HCDE PhD student

In my participation at CHI 2022, the greatest component was the workshop I attended. Titled "Interrogating Human-Centered Data Science", the half-day virtual workshop sought to bring together researchers interested in the up and coming discipline of HCDS.

This was the first time I applied to a conference workshop, and I was fortunate to be accepted based on my position paper titled "Not Just Cells in a Dataset: Imagining a Human-Centered Data Science Approach to Social Recommendation Algorithms". In this position paper, I discussed my interest in an HCDS perspective to the design of social recommendation system, a perspective that would treat the humans involved as more than data-producers and consumers.

In the workshop, I met with other researchers from all parts of the world with similar interests, and discussed questions of the present state and future of HCDS. One of the most important conversations was around considering data in the context in which it is created. We talked about scraping algorithms' inabilities to extract such context when mining for data, and how newer systems should consider involving humans in the extraction and analysis of their data. I came away from the conference having made some important connections and potential collaborations in the future.

For the rest of the conference, I attended it virtually. I attended several paper sessions, but the virtual component did not work well for me. There were several technical difficulties with the audio and sharing of presentation slides, and engaging with presenters. I feel like I did not get as much out of the conference part for such reasons.