Beth Kolko

2013 Seminar Series

Hackademia: Innovation for a Better World

It takes creativity and interdisciplinarity to solve the most demanding problems of the day. How do we teach ourselves and others to work effectively across disciplines so that we can build innovative products and services? In this talk Professor Kolko will address some of the ways interdisciplinary approaches can be managed in design settings, and she will discuss research on cultivating those skills among teams. Beth will also explore the role innovation can play in making the world a better place by ensuring more diverse products make it to market to solve the problems of diverse consumers.

About Beth Kolko

Beth Kolko is a Professor in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering and co-directs the Tactile and Tactical Design Laboratory with Professor Daniela Rosner. She started her academic career in the humanities, and she uses that grounding in theory to inform her current work on technology design. Central to Professor Kolko's work is research on how technologists, social scientists, and humanities scholars can collaborate on technology-related development and implementation projects. She is also conducting research on new educational models that can foster innovation outside traditional boundaries of expertise.