Future Students

Sakson Diversity Scholarship Recipients

Donna Sakson and Jonathan Mark, Donna's husband, established the Sakson Diversity Undergraduate Scholarship fund to bring more under-represented minority students into the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) and thus into the profession. "By offering educational opportunities, we expand diversity both in the educational setting and in our professional community," Sakson said.

Below are previous recipients of the Sakson Diversity Undergraduate Scholarship.

2016 Brian Nindo Illa, BS HCDE student
2014 Terrence Duenas, BS HCDE student
Daniel Sandoval, BS HCDE student
2013 Julia Chamberlain, BS HCDE student
John J. Robinson, BS HCDE student
2012 Megan Torkildson, BS HCDE student
2011 Thuy Duong, BS HCDE student
Amado Robancho, BS HCDE student
2009 Alexis Hope, MS HCDE, 2012; BS HCDE, 2010
2008 Hannah Getachew, BS HCDE, 2010
Phun Lang, BS HCDE, 2010
2007 Rick Price, BS TC, 2008
Brook Sattler, PhD HCDE, 2013; MS HCDE, 2010; BS TC, 2008