Irini Spyridakis

Winter 2020

STEAM Outreach through the Lens of Play, Creativity, and Movement

This STEAM Outreach Directed Research Group (DRG) aims to spread awareness of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) fields of study through kinesthetic movement, and collaborative and creative project based learning. This DRG will provide an alternative and innovative introduction to STEAM topics for 4th and 5th graders in a local after school program. Students enrolled in this DRG will research, design, build, implement, and assess curriculum in this outreach program.

Our outreach hopes to inspire and motivate students to engage in a variety of STEAM topics and to encourage original self-expression through the lens of play, creativity, and movement. This kind of educational enrichment begins by scaffolding interdisciplinary collaborations and promoting a culture where engineering, science, and art are given equal consideration. Additionally, we hope to help open childrens’ eyes to the possibilities in STEAM fields and encourage children to see themselves in STEAM roles in the future, creating not only awareness, but confidence and experience as well. 

This DRG will tap into students’ natural curiosity and desire to play, while making space for activities that are accessible for a variety of learning styles. Students will learn and demonstrate coding skills through dance, theatrical design, wearable technologies, and more!

All DRG participants will be required to: 

  • Attend Tuesday afternoon meetings for the DRG
  • Bring creativity and dream design projects that fit within the scope of this DRG.
  • Help research, design, build, implement, and assess outreach curriculum.
  • Facilitate the after school program once per week for 4 weeks (Tues. afternoons). Note: all DRG participants are expected to attend sessions on site at the after school program.
  • Create a process blog to showcase your contributions.
  • Register for 2 credits of HCDE 496

To apply, please fill out this form.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, December 17. Irini will notify all applicants of decisions by Saturday, December 21.

Contact Information: Irini Spyridakis,, HCDE faculty


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