Scott Miles

Spring 2021

User Testing and Prototyping a Tool for Community Disaster Resilience

Note: this DRG is at capacity for Spring and enrollment is closed.

Students in this DRG will conduct research as part of a National Science Foundation project called “Participatory Statistical Inference of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Recovery Times”. A set of concepts and prototypes have been created for supporting the community resilience planning process laid out in the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide.

The DRG will start with a review of the project, use cases, user types, tool design specifications, and an initial list of potential user testing questions. (Some user research has been done to create the current prototypes, but additional user research may be necessary.) Students will select (or identify new) user testing questions, develop user testing procedures, revise/create prototypes for testing, recruit participants, run tests, analyze findings, and revise prototypes with the goal of implementing a final minimum viable product. Students will learn about different approaches to testing (e.g., think aloud testing, A/B testing, focus groups), how to analyze test data, and how to incorporate test findings into implementation designs.

Students from all departments, disciplines, backgrounds, and experience levels are welcome. If you are interested in joining this DRG, please email Scott Miles ( with a brief statement about your interest in the project. Note this DRG is at capacity for Spring and enrollment is closed.


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