Daniella Kim Research Group

Summer 2021

Applying human-centered design practice to Health Metrics: Foundational research and journey mapping

This DRG will be offered by Daniella Kim, PhD
Credits: 2

Using health metric data is way to identify how to address health problems and build a healthier world. IHME (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation) is a leader in health metrics, and has been known to academics, technocrats, public health practitioners, and policy-makers as the owner of the GBD – Global Burden of Disease tool. With the global pandemic, IHME quickly became an owner of the now-famous COVID curve. However, as more data was collected, the user experience of the COVID curve quickly deteriorated, and fewer people were able to use the COVID projection visualizations in a meaningful way.

IHME intends to re-visit the overall value proposition of their website and offerings. They wish to understand, through a mixed method effort, who gains value from the site, what tools they prefer to use, the jobs that they need to get done, and the various journeys of IHME users.

In this DRG, we will plan, conduct, and analyze research to understand who are the new users of health metrics data, what their goals are, and map their journeys and touchpoints are in terms of IHME and health metrics data. Through a user-centered approach, we will make recommendations about how the site may be redesigned to best serve the needs of their users. In partnership with IHME Digital Experience, we are seeking students to help produce the foundational human-centered, and evidence-based data that will form the next iteration of IHME.


  1. Describe and understand how the IHME website is being used
  2. Understand the personas and archetypes can use the IHME site and if they align with current personas; if not what are the new personas/archetypes and what are they current use cases?
  3. Describe the pain points and prioritize opportunities based on qualitative interviews
  4. Create a set of user journey maps to describe the new archetypes and personas
  5. Create low-fidelity wireframes that describe the journey maps
  6. Deploy a survey and analyze survey data for themes and trends to validate qualitative findings

Participation Requirements:

  1. Attend our virtual meeting / working session each week, starting the first week of Summer 2021. We will be meeting 3:45-5:10 p.m. PST on Tuesdays.
  2. Expect up to 6 hours of activities per week regarding this project in the form of discussion guide creation, interviews, surveys, wireframing
  3. Experience with qualitative research methods and/or experience journey mapping with digital software (Figma, Invision, Adobe XD)
  4. Register for 2 HCDE 496/596 in Summer 2021
  5. This DRG will be offered as Credit/No Credit

To enroll, please email Daniella Kim ( by Friday, May 28th. We will let you know if you are selected to join this group by Tuesday, June 1st. This DRG will be limited to three students.