Jan Spyridakis

Autumn 2017—Winter 2018

Amazon Seller Experience Research

Led by
Jan Spyridakis, Professor, HCDE
Mike Berg, User Experience Researcher, Amazon

Note: Enrollment in this research group is at capacity.

Amazon’s Seller Support UX Research and Design team is partnering with HCDE students to explore design concepts that will support individuals selling products on the Amazon Marketplace.

In our first two quarters we sought to understand the Marketplace and sellers through primary and secondary research efforts. In our third quarter we will pivot from user research to UX design and begin to develop ideas for supporting unmet user needs. Deliverables may include:

  • A problem statement defining a design opportunity
  • Low fidelity design concepts (may include storyboards or task-flow diagrams)
  • Evaluative study of design concepts with end-users (optional)
  • Iterated design mockups or prototype
  • Presentation of a report to Amazon stakeholders

Members of the research group will develop solutions for user challenges identified in previous quarters. The group will have regular access to Amazon Design teams and will work to produce deliverables for Senior Product Managers.

Students participating in the research group for fall quarter 2017 should have an interest in developing design concepts from primary research findings. Skills we will leverage include:

  • Synthesis of findings into user requirements
  • Sketching, development, and iteration of prototype design solutions
  • Evaluation and presentation of design mockups

HCDE undergraduate or graduate majors will participate in this research group by enrolling for 2–4 credits (graded cr/no cr) in HCDE 596 (for graduate students) or HCDE 496 (for undergraduate students). Students are expected to spend, on average, three hours of effort per credit per week (time spent includes the weekly meeting).

Note: Enrollment in this research group is at capacity.

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