Irini Spyridakis

Autumn 2017

Designing and Building a Website for Pairing UW Food Waste with Community Agencies in Need

Food waste is a growing problem globally, with an increasing number of people struggling with food insecurity. This Directed Research Group (DRG), backed by the UW’s award winning Campus Sustainability Fund, will pair-up UW food waste with local non-profit agencies in need through the design of a website that will facilitate the logistics and transportation of food waste from UW Food Services without having so many food products go to compost. Over the course of two quarters, Irini Spyridakis and Madison Holbrook will lead a team of ~15 undergraduate and Masters’ students in this effort. The team will research, design, build, and implement a responsive website to help connect UW Housing and Food Services’ Dining facilities and local non-profit agencies. The team will also work on logistics and training to ensure success for all stakeholders.

Students interested in joining the DRG should have some of the following skills and experience:

  • UX Roles
    • UX research methods/skills
    • Prototyping tools (e.g., Axure, Balsamiq, or equivalent)
    • Adobe design tools or equivalent
  • Programmer roles
    • Experience with relevant web technologies and programming skills (e.g., Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, other)
    • Database experience (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB, other NoSQL database)

Interested students must register for 2 credits (6 hours of work/week) for either HCDE 496 or HCDE 596. The DRG will be offered in Autumn 2017 and Winter 2018. In Autumn quarter, the DRG will meet on Mondays from 4:00-5:30. Meetings are mandatory for all students and the 1.5 hour weekly meetings will count towards the 6 hours of work/week; weekly deliverables will be required.

Interested students should email Irini Spyridakis, HCDE Lecturer, at the following information:

  1. A brief bio including your major and expected graduation date
  2. A resume/CV (please highlight relevant skills)
  3. A statement about why you want to be involved
  4. A statement about what you can offer to the team

Registration in the DRG is limited; applicants will be interviewed in September.