Irini Spyridakis

Autumn 2018

Dance and STEM education

Are you interested in helping break barriers to STEM education by weaving together dance and STEM education? Access to STEM education continues to privilege the few while missing vast numbers of students with valuable untapped potential. This DRG will use coding and electrical engineering principles, as well as choreography and participatory design to create a theatrical, technology infused dance curriculum that could be implemented in after school middle and high school programs. 

In the first half of the quarter, we will research, ideate, design, prototype, and iterate upon dance & STEM projects to create a unique curriculum that is culturally relevant to public schools in Seattle. In the second half of the quarter, we will test and iterate on the research and the curriculum. Yes, you will dance and code!

I am looking for students with a passion for coding, dance, the arts, and STEM outreach. The group will meet weekly on Mondays from 4:00 – 5:30 pm and meetings are mandatory. Students should plan on registering for 2 credits of HCDE 496 and on working about 4 hours each week outside of the DRG.

If you are interested in participating, please email Irini Spyridakis at with the following information:

  • Why you are interested in joining this DRG.
  • What skills and experiences you bring to the group: please include coding languages and skills (intro, intermediate, or advanced), dance, theater, etc.
  • Your background in outreach (if any).

Autumn 2018

Developing a platform for food recovery

Food waste is a growing problem globally, with an increasing number of people struggling with food insecurity. This Directed Research Group (DRG), backed by the UW’s award winning Campus Sustainability Fund, will pair-up UW food waste with local non-profit agencies in need through the design of a website that will facilitate the logistics and transportation of food waste from UW Food Services without having so many food products go to compost. During Autumn quarter, students will continue to build, test, and implement a responsive website to help connect UW Housing and Food Services’ Dining facilities and local non-profit agencies.

Students interested in joining the DRG should have a strong background in Javascript and CSS, as well as experience with React and Firebase.

Interested students must register for 2 credits (6 hours of work/week) for either HCDE 496 or HCDE 596. Weekly deliverables will be required. Time and place TBD.

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