HCDE PhD student Elena Agapie receives Best Paper award

December 31, 1969

New research by Human Centered Design & Engineering doctoral student Elena Agapie looks at how system design can support a new model for news production through leveraging the collaborative reporting capabilities of people who attend events.

Building on existing research in the area of local crowdsourcing and citizen journalism, Agapie and her collaborators at Microsoft Research studied a hybrid crowdsourcing workflow involving both remote workers and local reporters to create event reports across 11 events.

The case study revealed benefits and challenges of the hybrid workflow, including communication barriers and bias of crowd workers. Find the full paper here: Crowdsourcing in the Field: A Case Study Using Local Crowds for Event Reporting. This work furthers the understanding of how to design systems that involve non experts collaborating in creating journalism and addressing the needs of workers participating in the process.

Agapie and paper co-authors Jamie Teevan and Andres Monroy-Hernandez presented their findings at the 2015 Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP), where they received a Best Paper Award.

Agapie is advised by Human Centered Design & Engineering Assistant Professors Gary Hsieh and Sean Munson. Funding for this research was provided by Microsoft Research FUSE Labs.