Upcoming lecture by Giovanna Scalone on designing reflection activities for students

Monday, December 17, 2018

Giovanna Scalone, a research scientist in HCDE, will present her research on designing reflection activities for students as part of the Frontiers in Higher Education Research Seminar, organized by the University of Washington's Center for Teaching and Learning. This lecture is free and open to the public.

Dimensions in Designing Reflection Activities for Students
Giovanna Scalone, HCDE Research Scientist
Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2:30–3:20
Odegaard, room 220


Reflection is a form of thinking where one makes meaning of past events as preparation for future engagements. Educators use many activities to help their students reflect on and improve their learning, but few frameworks exist to characterize the choices available in designing such activities.

In this talk, Dr. Scalone explores four dimensions of variation that emerge from reflection activities used by engineering educators: explicitness, customization, guidance, and accountability. Each dimension exists on a continuum that ranges from low to high, creating a large design space that allows educators to articulate their rationale for using reflection activities, foreground decisions about the type and structure of the activity, draw attention to potential positive and negative consequences of the activity, and connect to theories of learning. Dr. Scalone shows how these dimensions of variation can be used to design effective reflection activities in engineering and beyond.


Giovanna Scalone is a research associate at the Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching (CELT) in the UW Department of Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Her research emphasizes the social foundations of learning in both STEM informal and formal learning environments with a focus on agency, meaning-making and identity development.