PhD student Katie Derthick attends iConference in Berlin

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

By Katie Derthick, HCDE PhD student

Katie Derthick working on her 'zine during the Researchers as Makers workshop.

"Each spread includes an original piece of paper (including a packet seeds came in, layers of posted I peeled off a wall on the streets of Berlin, wrapping paper, and more) and a copy of that piece of paper. The 'zine is meant to explore issues of quintessence and replicability, what's the same and what is different about originals and their replicas, copies, or records."

The 2014 iConference in Berlin was a blast. I attended a fantastic workshop, Researchers as Makers -- you can see me in the photo working on my zine, which I constructed out of materials my friend Stuart Geiger, a PhD student at UC Berkeley, and I gathered from the streets of erlin. I attended two very interesting fish bowl sessions, From “Effects” to “Entanglements”: A Fishbowl Discussion on Sociomateriality, and What to do with all those traces people leave behind: Culture, context, computing?

On the last day of the conference, I attended the doctoral colloquium. I was partnered with Dr. Liz Liddy, Dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. The morning conversation I shared with Liz and two other PhD students was extremely valuable, and I feel better prepared for the next few years of my academic career, as I complete my dissertation, enter the job market, and one day begin my faculty career at my future home university. 
I recommend attending the iConference for fellow graduate students interested in networking, and I recommend the doctoral colloquium to advanced PhD students who would like to learn more about positioning themselves on the job market, how to be successful during their first year on the job, and how to start preparing for their tenure case as soon as they start at their new university! I’ll be at the iConference in 2015 in Newport Beach, CA, where it will be hosted by University of California, Irvine. I’m excited to be working with Theresa Anderson from the University of Technology, Sydney, over the next year, to plan the iPause Space at the 2015 conference, which will continue Theresa’s work at previous iConferences by providing a space to pause and play, contemplate and create. I look forward to seeing you there.