Kiley Sobel reports on Interaction Design and Children Conference

Sunday, August 6, 2017

By Kiley Sobel, HCDE PhD student

Thanks to HCDE I was able to attend the Interaction Design & Children (IDC) conference at Stanford University in late June. I always have a ton of fun at this conference as the research and people there are always so fun!

One of my favorite parts of the conference this year was a panel on Learning Sciences and IDC, with panelists Dr. Tamara L. Clegg, Dr. Betsy DiSalvo, Dr. Jason C. Yip, and moderators Dr. Michelle Wilkerson and Dr. Yasmin Kafai, who spoke about how both disciplines could learn from each other. Afterward, I bought this book all about Participatory Design for Learning

Sobel at IDC workshoop

Before the main IDC conference, I also co-organized a workshop with my advisor Dr. Julie A. Kientz (UW), Dr. Carmen Gonzelez (UW), Dr. Tamara L. Clegg (University of Maryland), and Dr. Jason C. Yip (UW) on Equity & Inclusivity at IDC. The 25 of us in the workshop discussed how our approaches, methods, and designs may either be restricting or facilitating equitable access and participation of diverse children and their families. Together, we also reflected on our positionality as researchers who work with marginalized children and families. Check out our zine that documents our workshop experience throughout the day. I can’t wait until IDC next year!