HCDE undergraduates win capstone award

Friday, April 4, 2014

A team of students in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) have received a Capstone Design Award from the College of Engineering for their undergraduate capstone project on visual analytics for crisis workers. The team of Jim Maddock, John Robinson, Jonathan Lee Russo, and Megan Torkildson, will be researching how to best integrate social media into emergency response efforts throughout Spring quarter 2014.

The team writes:

We intend to conduct detailed user research with emergency responders to better understand their roles with the intent to integrate social media into emergency response efforts.

Our proposed user research study includes surveys, contextual inquiries, interviews, and participatory design. During our contextual inquiries and interviews, we will explore areas in which social media information aggregation, analysis, and visualization could aid emergency workers’ daily tasks.

Based on our user research findings, we hope to ideate on and prototype possible visualization tools that present this information in a meaningful and effective way.

The outcome of this project will be an implemented prototype of the resulting tool or visualization. Throughout the prototyping component of our project, the participatory design process will ensure that the resulting tool fulfills emergency responders’ needs and would integrate well into their current workflow.

The Engineering Capstone Design Award was created to support student  teams across the College of Engineering working on capstone design projects. Funding for this award is made possible through private support by alumni and friends of the College of Engineering. The funding (up to $3000/team) can be used for purchase of supplies/materials, equipment, travel, or training relevant to capstone projects.