HCDE Students win at UW Maker Summit

Monday, April 24, 2017

For the second year in a row, the University of Washington Maker Summit brought together students studying art, and technology, and generally "making" from across the University.

HCDE Professor Beth Kolko kicked off the event with a keynote presentation about HCDE's "Hackademia!" project, which Kolko led for many years. She described it's origins as the UW's first "stealth-makerspace," where her and her students found empty offices in Sieg Hall and used them to experiment with building new technologies from found objects. "I think making is the way that we change the world," Kolko told the audience.

The day's schedule include workshops, lectures, and short film viewings. Prizes were awarded to pre-submitted student projects in the areas of Art: Drawing & Painting, Fabric Arts, Ceramics and Glass; Gizmos: Undergraduate, Graduate; Digital Art: Photography, Graphic Design, 3D and Laser Print; and Film: Short Film, Music Video.

The HCDE master's capstone team of Sahil Anand, John Luetke, Nikhil Venkatesh, and Dorothy Wong took home first place in the Gizmos graduate category for their social robot project, SIM, and HCDE master's student Max Lam won the prize for Drawing and Painting.

The event was organized by Area 01 (a student creative space and part of UW Housing & Food Services), and CoMotion makerspace, with prize funding sponsored by Amazon Catalyst.

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