HCDE Department Chair shines as leader in field

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan Spyridakis, Department Chair and Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) shines as the most published experimental researcher in the last 20 years in technical communication journals. A recent study reported in the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication explored a comprehensive sample of experimental and quasi-experimental research published in five leading technical communication journals over the 20-year period of 1992-2011. 
The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication reports:
“Spyridakis dominated the output of experimental research in technical communication over the 20-year period. She coauthored 11% (n = 15) of the total sample. Her output also demonstrated breadth; she published within all four of the five-year periods and in three of the leading journals—TPC, JTWC, and TC. The majority of these experiments were comprehension-themed (n = 9), but she also published on genre, technology, communication strategies, and editing and style.”
The study found that researchers at the University of Washington had the most output of any other research affiliate. 
“The University of Washington (n = 38) and University of Twente (n = 35) comprised nearly 25% of the affiliation attributions. Washington researchers produced 17 of the sample’s experiments. Spyridakis contributed to 15 of these experiments; however, 18 other researchers from Washington were also represented.”
UW students and faculty with a UW NetID, see the full article by Ryan Boettger and Chris Lam here.