HCDE Collaborates on Projects to Improve Electronic Medical Records

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) is part of the team, led by the University of Texas at Houston Medical Center, that has been awarded the new National Center in Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making in Healthcare (NCCD). This is one of four SHARP centers awarded 15 million each for four years by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, which is directly under Secretary Sebelius (HHS). These four centers will work together to achieve something major by 2016 to improve national electronic medical record systems. The NCCD team includes some well-known HCDE-related people such as Don Norman, Ben Shneiderman, and David Kieras.

HCDE's project, "Work-Centered Design of Care Process Improvements in HIT" is led by Keith Butler and Mark Haselkorn and will be part of HCDE's Pacific Rim Visualization and Analytics Center (PARVAC). It will focus on tools and methods to build-in predictability, effectiveness, usability, and safety to the development of HIT systems. The objectives include:

  • Modeling the impact of HIT on cognitive and organizational healthcare processes
  • Social issues of physician adoption of HIT decision support
  • Deriving key HIT features from information usage patterns in care processes to "build-in" improvements of care to HIT systems
  • A work-ontology framework that builds safety and usability into HIT systems

Our UW team includes Axel Roesler (Interaction Design), Ali Mokdad (Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation in the Global Health Department), and Tom Payne (Medical Director, UW Medicine Information Technology Services). The team also includes David Kieras (University of Michigan), Ellen Bass (University of Virginia), Ali Bahrami and Chris Esposito (Boeing), and a cooperative agreement with the VA's Puget Sound Health Care System.

HCDE faculty and students are invited to discuss ways to participate in this award. One way has already been established—a direct research group will be held this summer.

SHARP is the HHS research program for breakthrough advances to address well-documented problems that have impeded nation-wide adoption of health IT, and for accelerating progress towards achieving nationwide meaningful use of health IT in support of a high-performing, continuously-learning health care system.

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