HCDE Bids Adieu to Patty Foster

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Patty Foster, Grants Coordinator in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE), will be leaving the department this spring. Foster currently holds two positions, one in HCDE, and one in the Department of Bioengineering as their Grant and Contract Coordinator. Foster is reducing her hours to part-time and remaining in Bioengineering.

Foster has been with HCDE for two years as Grants Coordinator and has been essential to aiding HCDE faculty in applying for and managing all aspects of their grants. Professor Cecilia Aragon commented on her expertise regarding a specific grant proposal, saying, "Patty recently did an amazing job working on a collaborative proposal with another university, and she once again represented both our department and the University of Washington in the best light through both her expertise and knowledge."

In addition to administering grants, Foster also coordinated the quarterly appointments of Research Assistants (RAs). Department Administrator DJ Miller commented on Foster's contributions to the department: "Patty came in as HCDE's first dedicated Grants Coordinator and has helped shape and define the role. She has been instrumental in assisting faculty submit numerous successful grant proposals. Without Patty's dedication and expertise the department's sponsored research efforts would not have been nearly as fruitful over the last several years." Foster will remain with the department through the hire of her replacement in order to train that person.