HCDE Baby Steps Team Receives CoMotion Innovation Award

Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby Steps screen shot

Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) Associate Professor Julie Kientz and her students are recipients of the 2015 CoMotion Innovation Fund awards. Kientz and HCDE PhD students Alexis Hiniker, John R. Porter, and Hyewon Suh, recently pitched the Baby Steps project to a panel of CoMotion and Washington Research Foundation staff, senior executives, and venture capitalists. They were selected as award recipients based on the project's probability for commercial success—recieving $50K for one year of support to help commercialize the project.

Baby Steps

Connecting children services to families of young children.
Timely intervention often makes all the difference. How to connect all the data dots, people and resources is the challenge. The Baby Steps platform is just such a connector. For now, the focus is on connecting children services to families of young children who’ve just determined they need the support for early childhood development. The medium is family-friendly social media. The program is a research-based ecosystem of interactive technology that engages parents for long-term tracking of child development and efficiently connects them to early intervention resources.

Project team:

Julie A. Kientz, associate professor, HCDE
Alexis Hiniker, PhD student in HCDE
John R. Porter, PhD student in HCDE
Hyewon Suh, PhD student in HCDE

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