HCDE Alumni Q&A: Amy Racher (UCD '14)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering welcomes individuals interested in making the world a better place through design. To help illustrate the type of students who put the "H" in HCDE, we are highlighting the backgrounds and experiences of several of our students and recent graduates in a new series of blog posts. Follow along!

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Amy Racher (Certificate in User Centered Design '14)

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Seattle, WA

Q: What is something you found particularly enjoyable about the program?

A: I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program from the professors to the team projects and everything in-between. I especially enjoyed working with real clients and getting feedback during the process.

Q: Tell us about an experience in HCDE that has influenced your career goals.

A: HCDE has helped influenced my overall thought process when it comes to consulting and client relationships. In particular, HCDE skills have helped me develop strong, holistic campaigns for clients.

Q: TWhat have you been doing since graduating?

A: I'm currently an Organic Search Director at a media agency based out of New York. I also developed online and in-class materials for the Digital Marketing program through UW's Professional and Continuing Education department during Winter 2019.

Q: Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering HCDE?

A: It can be a challenging workload if you're also working full-time, but it's worth the effort! I've kept in touch with several classmates and developed both professional and personal relationships that have enhanced my life.


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