Emeritus Professor Judy Ramey visits HCDE alumni at Indeed

Friday, December 6, 2019

HCDE Emeritus Professor Judy Ramey recently visited several alumni working at Seattle's Indeed office, and nearby at Zillow.

Over lunch, Professor Ramey discussed the history of the department, and everyone shared their experiences that highlight department's evolution. We thank alumnus Eli Goldberg, Senior UX Researcher at Indeed, for bringing everyone together.

Dr. Ramey led the department as Chair from 1997 until 2008. During her tenure as chair, the department became internationally recognized in the emerging field of technical communication. Dr. Ramey set foundational steps that helped the department become the sought-after Human Centered Design & Engineering program we are today.

Everyone standing in front of a colorful wall at Indeed's office

Pictured, left to right: Antonio Rodriguez (MS, '14), Kyra Cassels (MS, '17), Kathryn Brookshier (current HCDE MS student), Judy Ramey (Professor, 1983-2013), and Eli Goldberg (MS, '08). Alumni Livia Brown (MS '18) Nitya Nambisan (MS '19) attended the meeting virtually, calling in from the Indeed.com office in Austin, Texas.