CSCW 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 2012 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) was held February 11–15 in Bellevue, Washington. This year, CSCW had a record number of attendees from all over the world and many students and faculty from the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) were in attendance making connections and talking about the department and its research.

The CSCW 2012 keynote speakers were Yochai Benkler, who spoke about peer production and the turn toward reciprocal altruism; Judith Olson, who spoke about the ways CSCW research can affect practice; and Marietta Baba, who spoke about ethnographic practice in CSCW and the value that anthropology can bring to the field as well. CSCW 2012 hosted sessions on crowdsourcing, family life, Wikipedia studies, social activity in games, and medical care and health intervention among many others. And CSCW included panels that discussed the gender gap in contributions to Wikipedia and open source software, the contributions of CSCW over the last 20 years, and more.

HCDE contributed to the planning and organizing of the CSCW conference this year. Professor Charlotte Lee helped plan the conference as one of the Local Arrangements co-chairs and Professor Cecilia Aragon was one of the Posters Co-Chairs. In addition HCDE PhD student Alex Thayer was one of the Volunteer Co-Chairs and HCDE students Alexis Hope, Drew Paine, and Behzod Sirjani participated in the conference as student volunteers.

In addition to planning, attending, and volunteering at the conference, HCDE faculty and students attended workshops and presented notes and papers. Professor Charlotte Lee's Computer Supported Collaboration (CSC) lab had three publications accepted to the conference. Two of the CSC lab's publications were on the development of cyberinfrastructure and were co-authored with HCDE affiliate faculty Matthew Bietz and HCDE PhD students Toni Ferro, Katie Derthick, and Drew Paine. The third of the CSC lab's publications was a study of calendar sharing with Google Calendar and was co-authored with Matthew Bietz and HCDE PhD students Alex Thayer and Katie Derthick.

Professor Beth Kolko's Design for Digital Inclusion (DDI) lab also had a publication presented at the conference on designing field ultrasound equipment for low-resource environments. Co-authors on the publication included HCDE MS student Alexis Hope and HCDE PhD student Karen Saville.

In addition, Professor Mark Zachry's Communicative Practices in Virtual Workspaces lab had one publication presented at the conference on social translucence on Wikipedia. PhD student Jonathan Morgan also co-authored a paper that was presented at the conference on ConsiderIt, an application that encourages reflection during online discussions.

All-in-all CSCW 2012 was a great conference and HCDE's faculty and students took part in making it a success.