Congratulations to the Class of 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) held its 2014 Commencement Ceremony on Wednesday, June 11, in the University of Washington Husky Union Building (HUB).

HCDE alumna Jenny Blackburn gave the 2014 commencement address, in which she emphasized the importance of leveraging the superpower that HCDE graduates possess—the importance of always working for the user.

Jenny Blackburn delivering the HCDE 2014 Commencement Address

The Class of 2014 was HCDE’s largest graduating class to-date, with 34 students graduating with a Bachelor of Science and 56 students graduating with a Master of Science. The full list of graduates is below.

In addition to these degrees, HCDE annually recognizes three outstanding undergraduate students and three outstanding graduate students with Awards of Excellence. These awards honor students who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating excellence in one of three categories: Innovation, Leadership and Engagement, and Academic Excellence. The 2014 Awards of Excellence winners are:

Undergraduate students Sheena Kapur and John Robinson
Graduate student Henrik Christensen

Leadership and Engagement
Undergraduate student Megan Torkildson
Graduate student Michael Sinkula

Academic Excellence
Undergraduate students Janelle Van Hofwegen and Christopher Rovillos
Graduate student Julie Campbell

Suzanne Boyd receiving the 2014 Myron L. White AwardThe 2014 Myron L. White Award (aka the "Mikey") was given to Suzanne Boyd. Boyd is an Affiliate faculty member in HCDE and Founder & CEO of Anthro-Tech, Inc-A user-centered design consultancy focused on government agencies, nonprofits, and enterprises with a social-impact mission. Beginning in 2004, HCDE has annually awarded the Myron L. White Award to a dedicated friend of the department. Boyd joins the ranks of other distinguished recipients of the award.

 Photos from the event are available on HCDE's Flickr Page.


Please join HCDE in congratulating the Class of 2014!


HCDE 2014 Bachelor of Science Graduates

Bradley Arnesen
Rose Elizabeth Beede
Emma Bulajewski
Soomin Chang
Heather Eberhart
Katlyn Edwards
Francesca Gabales
Elise R. Groves
Dian Aulia Hartono
Elliott Henneke
Janelle Van Hofwegen
Johnson Huynh
James Hwang
Grace Jang
Sheena Tara Kapur
Kyle Karpack
Jonathan Lee-Russo
Xinhe Lian
Erick Lo
Rahul Mehan
Serena Miller
Alexander Julian-Haro Potter
Martín R. Reyes
Mark D. Ribera
John Robinson
Christopher Rovillos
Mihir N. Shah
Megan Torkildson
Anh-Thu VoBa
Cheryl Wang
Tony Wu
Brian Peng Yuan Yin
Ye Zhou
Ariana Zukowski


HCDE 2014 Master of Science Graduates

Peter Abrahamsen
Divya Addepalli
Naomi-Hannah Agbro
Ajay Alfred
Ona Marie Anicello
Emily Barrows
Jonathan Bergeron
Ankitha Bharadwaj
Smitha Bharadwaj
Michael Bulajewski
Julie Campbell
Omeed Chandra
Anatole Chen
Chih-Wei Chen
Andrea Chin
Henrik Christensen
Dylan Contris
Apurva Dawale
Benjamin Lucas Easterwood
William Brian Espinosa
Junnan Feng
Yuetian Feng
Carin Fishel
Allison Forrester
Robyn Foshee
Zachary Goist
Yu Linlin Huang
Eman Ismaiel
Trevor Johnson
Alicia Lee
Sean Lemme
Janet Liao
Allan Luik
Aaron Lynch
Julius Caesar Sumadsad Magsino
Aditya Manohar
Daniel Martinez Villa
Michael Maas
Michelle Lynn Meyer
Divyanshu Mohan
Marc Perez
Annuska Perkins
Tristan Plank
Portia Plante
Ruslana Pledger
Zulka Ramirez
Melissa Richtarik
Antonio Rodriguez
Shubha Sastry
Rohit Sharma
Michael Sinkula
Jake Sparling
Nadine Aurora Tabing
Boris Unigovskiy
Darivanh Vlachos
Sarah Warren
Darwin Witt
Yu Xin
Jessie Liyin Xue
Yongji Zhou