Beth Kolko featured in Fortune Magazine

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Human Centered Design & Engineering Professor Beth Kolko puts people first by designing affordable and easy-to-use medical devices. Fortune Magazine recently profiled Kolko on her success building a startup company, Shift Labs, and getting these life-saving products into the hands of health practitioners who need them.

After working with HCDE students to design simple ultrasound technologies for midwives in Uganda and Kenya, Kolko developed Shift Labs in 2011 to bring some of these human-centered ideas to life. She told Fortune Magazine “It wasn’t just about the ultrasound…it was about the decades I spent at university seeing really great projects and prototypes die on the vine—never make it out of the lab.”

Shift Labs’ first product is Drip Assist, a low-cost and easy-to-use IV monitor. The company is working to deliver the devices, which run on one AA battery, to developing nations and places where disaster relief organizations operate.

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