Roundup: Undergraduate Capstone Projects

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Human Centered Design & Engineering capstone course is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their comprehensive skills as researchers, designers, and engineers.

Through the two-quarter capstone experience, students synthesize and apply the knowledge and techniques they have acquired throughout their degree program by creating solutions to human-centered problems in our society.

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering is pleased to present the 2016 undergraduate capstone projects, below.

2016 Bachelor's Capstone Projects


Enhancing student engagement and focus through the use of wearable classroom technology
Sharla Akers, Ashley Donaldson, Hunter Mask, Kendall Sahl, Samantha West

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Bastion presents the Mote: a personal safety companion that helps students navigate through campus with a sense of safety, confidence and peace of mind
John Castro, Daniel Rowland, Anne Zheng


Bringing REI's in-store personalization and expert advice onto an online platform. How to increase customer engagement on e-commerce sites
Kendall Avery, Keting Cen, Nitaya Munkhong, Amy Wang


Designing a new lunch making system for families in order to improve the bond between parent and child, as well as a healthier lifestyle
Danny Cohen, Kevin Huynh, Dorothy Kong, Natalee Ouzts

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FAMS (Fatigue and Activity Management System)

A system for helping people living with MS manage their fatigue and identify triggers by making sense of patterns in their data
Kyle Burger, Yoanna Dosouto, Jess Landquist


A virtual reality puzzle adventure that simulates anxiety symptoms to challenge their stigmas and encourage empathy
Ross Grambo, Perry Meas, Tanner Page, Max Schreiber, Linnea Watson

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Designing an assistive technology system to reach a larger population in order to increase adoption, lower costs, and stimulate continued innovation
Torin Blankensmith, Arnavi Chheda, Rashmi Srinivas, Visavakorn Toongtong

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Reimagining the mobile keyboard to be faster and more reliable
Juan Cai, Karina Harada, Jennifer Jenks

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REI Membership

Enabling customers to get helped when & how they want. A new tool for making reservations and preserving expert advice
Jessica Bao, Chip Connor, Nicole Tilly

Empower System

Empowering and educating young adults to find support for depression through social media
Megan Hodge, Quynh Huynh, Greg Robison, Sabrina Weschler

FIT (Footwear Immersive Technology)

Re-creating an effective in-store experience digitally
Kirk Lestelle, Alexander Martin, Tristan Shi, Hailey Yu

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Leveraging contextual awareness and social networking to recommend the right meal at the right time
Samuel Marks

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Research with CERTAINty

Researching and creating a web platform to help better communication between medical researchers and patients
Sara Jennings, Austin Meyers

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Naturalized task management
Justin Woodum

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