2017 Master of Science capstone projects

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Students in the Human Centered Design & Engineering master's program spend their final two quarters researching, designing, and engineering a solution to an identified problem as part of their Capstone project. Students select their own project, and many are sponsored by members of HCDE's Corporate Affiliates Program.

View posters and videos from the 2017 Master's Capstone course below, and join HCDE students, faculty, alumni, and friends for the HCDE Open House on June 1, 2017 to talk to the students about their work and test interactive demos.

Box capstone poster


An inclusively designed voice assistant that engages people in their goals and interests

Emma Bulajewski, John Jessup, Samara Mohammed

Calmcats capstone poster


Meditation and mindfulness in VR

Kira Cassels
Ryan Moore
Ricki Mudd
Paul Townsend

Sponsored by Intel

Drifter capstone poster


A mobile experience that reduces the work of browsing and booking for the last-minute traveler.

Val Bays
Joe Bernstein
Angela Nelson
Nick Throm

Sponsored by Expedia

Dropgrid capstone poster


Decentralized Communications for Crisis Events

Annica Garfield
Julie Zhuying Li
David D. Wang

Futureshift capstone poster


A workshop for exploring how algorithms shape everyday life

Clem Auyeung
Ariel Duncan
Paul Roberts

Gatebot capstone poster


Smart, friendly guidance from gate to gate

Nicole Bernardi
Jennifer Giblin
Nichole Fernkes
Veronika Sipeeva

Sponsored by Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle

Identity Crisis capstone poster

Identity Crisis

The problem: "Sign-out is hard!"

Steve Derhammer
Laura E. Hunter
Scott Wang

Sponsored by Microsoft

Immersed VR capstone poster

Immersed VR

Paving the way to VR for new users

Gabriela Madrid Valero
Charles Paul Harris-White
Anastacia Jamie

Sponsored by Valve Corporation

Knuckles capstone poster


Grasping in Virtual Reality

Todd Little
Ivan Koveshnikov
Scott Sizemore

Sponsored by Valve Corporation

LoveFood capstone poster

Love, Food

Feeding Knowledge, Not Landfills

Joyce Kim
Julia Snyder
Loretta Yiu

Habit Coach capstone poster

My Habit Coach

Informing, enabling, motivating, and guiding people towards better habits

Mike Northcutt
Feiyang Xue
Tingting Zhang
Yuan Zhuang

Sponsored by 2Morrow Inc.

NASA JPL capstone poster

Rogue II

How can augmented reality facilitate and enable NASA's scientists to research, explore, and collaborate on Mars?

Ron Alliance
Daren Chaisy
T.J. Koines
Lo Wheelwright

Sponsored by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Praxis capstone poster

Social Media in Praxis

Deconstructing Socio-Digital Culture

Spencer James
Vishwas Shetty

Pump it Up capstone poster

Pump it Up

Smart residential water management system

Diane Lee
Jasmine Lawrence
Paula Chuchro
Setumadhava Kathawate

Red rover capstone poster

Red Rover

Augmented reality system to allow NASA scientists, engineers, and mission planners to present data critical to the success of the Curiosity Rover

Nick Alvey
Kacie Hsu
Gideon Mari
Jonathan Wang

Scout capstone poster


Scout has your back! Exploring drones for personal safety.

Demi Boe
Carolyn Huynh
Tanu Khandelwal
Dana Lee

Sponsored by Google

Serenity capstone poster

Reimagining the Virtual Hope Box

A mobile app accessory to PTSD treatment

Ritesh Bhagat
Brett Fuller
Alan Reese
Nick Zimmer

Sponsored by National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2)

SiM capstone poster

SIM: The Social Robot

Designing for Affective Human-Robot Interactions

Sahil Anand
John Luetke
Nikhil Venkatesh
Dorothy Wong


SIM: The Social Robot from Nikhil Venkatesh on Vimeo.



Sleeping Manatees capstone poster

Sleeping Manatees

An app that allows kids to record pain and mood and visualize them along with sleep data

Jon Ascher
Max K. Lam
Matt Reynolds

UTrip capstone poster

Utrip Copilot

Get your trip together. Together.

Brad Arnesen
Wilson Carletti
Danning Zhang
Ying Zheng

Virtual garage capstone poster

Virtual Garage

Driving VR into Car Buyer Journeys

Heather Bales
Olivia Frederick
Samuel Shen
Meena Sujanani

Sponsored by CDK Global